Bluehost India Review: Is their hosting better than Bluehost U.S.?

If you are in India and looking to buy hosting from Bluehost then you will be in a dilemma of choosing between Bluehost India or Bluehost U.S. Which should you buy? Is the speed of Bluehost India better as they suggest in promotions? Is the quality of service ditto?

Bluehost India is newcomer in Indian market of hosting companies, its owned by the EIG group and they offer localized hosting setup for Indian users.

But the main questions that should be informed are:

  • Is the quality of Bluehost India better than Bluehost U.S.?
  • Will it be a wise decision to buy hosting from Bluehost India?
  • Bluehost India also has servers in US and then offer those as well, but are they any good, should you buy from them?

I have been dwelling in each and every forum where people ask these questions. Hosting is one of the most biggest and most crucial decision to start online business or starting your blog and its quite important to decide which one is best for you.

After reading this post, you will surely get an exact idea of which hosting should you buy and will Bluehost India gives you everything that their U.S. counterpart is giving?

Bluehost India and their quality of service and presentation?

Bluehost U.S. is one of the biggest hosting companies that have CPU throttling technology and their shared hosting environment is quite capable. WordPress users mostly prefer Bluehost U.S. over other companies due to ease and service reliability. In 2010, EIG group took over Bluehost by acquiring it successfully.

Companies like ASmallOrange, Resellerclub and even Hostgator is also owned by EIG group.

EIG has provided a great infrastructure and resources to these big and small hosting companies, which is why all the hosting companies are pretty big now. Still EIG is a business company and their focus is on expanding their business.

So, as far as I know Bluehost India is an addition for EIG Group and not an extension of Bluehost U.S. This means Bluehost India is not similiar nor same to Bluehost U.S.

Although many of you might be thinking that it would be an Indian version of Bluehost U.S., but you don’t get the same Bluehost customized dashboards, quality of service, CPU throttling technology, Server quality and other tidbits.


Infact Bluehost India is using Resellerclub hosting dashboard to sell domain and hosting packages. Resellerclub is company based in Mumbai that allow people individuals and freelancers to start hosting and domain selling business online.

EIG and Resellerclud are collborated since Feburary 2014, that time EIG acquired them to expand business in India. EIG has done great business in running all these companies, but this time EIG missed in providing the same service and quality as Bluehost U.S. and Hostgator U.S. offers. You may get the same offers but the service quality is not the same.

Many people have reported complaints and feedbacks about Bluehost India whose dashboard look like this:


If you also want to start a business in the field of hosting, like opening a web hosting service like Bluehost India, then you probably can do it easily with Resellerclub.

Here’s the current pricing of Bluehost India server:

Bluehost shared plans

Still if you don’t want to lookout for service quality and you only want to see the pricing then Bluehost India is cheaper by a fraction of the price.

Winner : Bluehost U.S. for service quality and offerings.

Should I buy hosting services from Bluehost India?

Right now, I would suggest you to buy hosting from Bluehost U.S. site and use a CDN network to load your website fast in India. CDN service like Cloudflare is free and MaxCDN is another great content delivery network with high reliability, thought it only has paid plans.

For testing and learning, I would certainly want you to go through each hosting site.

See Bluehost India | Visit Bluehost U.S.

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Have you used Bluehost India in the past? How was your experience, can they do something to improve? Let us know by sharing your views with us in the comment section below.