Google Cloud Hosting – A Global Infrastructure With Excellent Services

Ok if you determine a business website, not only it but a successful and quality website, then Google Cloud Hosting is a perfect platform for you. Cloud Hosting works as a multitasker. You can call it an incredible web host.

You might be thinking about what is best in this Google Cloud Hosting Don’t worry we have solutions for all your queries. After reading it, you will be familiar with what are the services under google cloud hosting and everything about it. So, let’s explore Google Cloud Hosting a global infrastructure with excellent services.

What is Google Cloud Hosting?

Google Cloud Hosting provides excellent management tools and distinct Cloud Services encompassing Data Analytics, computing, machine learning, etc. 

The following is the major tasks that Google Cloud Hosting or perform:

  • It ensures the fast loading of your business website
  • It ensures the security of your website
  • It controls the functioning of enterprise website
  • It ensures that your website is accessible during outrages
  • Ensures the best of users experience on your website and build a successful one

There are more than many advantages to getting your website hosted by Google Cloud. It is an amazing support service and also provides free uptime monitoring of the website. It uptimes your website that results in good results at Search Engine Optimization.

Features of Google Cloud Hosting 

Several features of google Web Hosting make it a perfect fit for your business website. These features include:

  • It has a reasonable pricing structure in comparison to other websites hosted. It is truly easy to get enrolled in Google Hosting. You only need to provide your credit card details for enrolling. The more advantageous thing is that you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to do so. There are many discount deals available on Azure for subscribing.
  • It has enhanced the execution timing of websites. You can execute or run your website from anywhere in the whole world. Its huge infrastructure is a multi-tasker that can handle several visitors at the same time.
  • It has a Private Network policy that means you will be providing a separate network for your business website. It will have nothing to do with other websites or clients.
  • You can migrate your virtual machines with Google web hosting, whereas it is not possible with other similar web hosting platforms such as Amazon. 
  • It is a secure platform that provides total security to your business websites and their information.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of Google Cloud Hosting is quite contract-based. It promises you 99.99 percent uptime. If you sign a contract with Google for 1 month and you are getting 99.95% to 99.99% uptime, then Google Compute Engine’s Service Level Agreement(SLA), you will be getting a 10 percent credit. 

Moreover, if your uptime drops down between 99 to 95 percent, then you will be getting 25 percent credit. Or if it further drops down, then you will be getting 50 percent credit. It prepares bills based on per second theory.

Cons of Google Web Hosting

  • It becomes expensive when you require more usable space than your free usage limit. 
  • If you want to integrate with other products rather than google, then it becomes a dispute with Google web hosting.


Hence, this was all about Google Cloud Hosting It is an excellent platform and a global infrastructure, with excellent services.

There are numerous features provided by Google Web Hosting that are not available with other hosting platforms. Hence you can surely opt for it for running a successful business website.