Seven Crucial Steps to Know Before Launching a New Website

There is a long checklist containing things you must check out before launching the website. You can’t just head on towards launching. From functionalities to grammatical mistakes, everything needs to be checked before launch.

We have for you the seven secrets to know before launching a successful website. These seven things are must-check secrets before starting. And if you think you are not good enough to evaluate your website performance, then you can go for Web hosting services. Don’t worry! You will get everything in this article. Keep reading.

7 Top Secrets to a Successful Website

The seven secrets towards heading on to a successful website include:

1. Check for a mobile-friendly design

Your website must look great, and the same on every browser one can open. Reports said that there is a huge increment in mobile users from consecutive years than computers or laptops.

A mobile-friendly friendly design is a must. So, whether it is a Laptop, Computer, Mobile, or Tablet, your website must look the same and great on every kind of browser.

2. Tick mark to web analytics

Tick mark all the Web Analytics once your website gets launched. Such surveying will keep you up to date about all the aspects of your website. There are several tools, both free and premium, that check for web analytics. A few best of them include:

Paid one, of course, has better features and services, but you can opt for non-paid ones too for basic analysis. 

3. Examining functionalities once again

Examine minor to major functionalities of your website. If you found any of it not working or working slowly, then correct it as soon as possible. This is because if a user finds your website elements slow, they may get shifted in a second from your website. The functionalities you need to check to include:

4. Create a backup ready

It is always advisable to keep a backup of your website ready. Keep backing up your site to prevent it from any viruses or foreign attacks. Keep track of your website data beforehand. You can even opt for these free backup software mentioned below:

  • FBackup
  • Paragon Backup and recovery
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Free
  • Google drive
  • Cobian backup

5. Opt for SEO expert techniques

If you want to rule your website on the web among the countless websites surfing through, you will have to go for SEO expert technique cues. Make the content as such it contains keywords and all the elements of SEO. Give attractive and appropriate titles, tags, and descriptions to your content to rule on the web. 

6. Proofread several times

Proofread every minute detail several times. From the quality of added images or videos of websites to opening backlinks, each thing must be checked more than ten times. Just search for your competition websites, and compare yours, then add what you are missing. This is another way of proofreading. 

7. Try web hosting

After adopting all the above steps, still, you can think you want to make your website more perfect, then go for web hosting. Now, what is web hosting?

Web hosting means the company that provides services of maintaining servers of your website on the internet and where the data of your website is stored. No matter where your user is located, the best services will be provided by such web hosting companies. 

Well, paid options in web hosting are always preferred, but if you want to only try web hosting and know how does it look like, you can opt for these free web hosting tools:

  • Freehostia
  • InfinityFree
  • HyperPHP
  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • ByteHost
  • Wix
  • AwardSpace
  • 000WebHost


Hence these were the seven secrets to know before launching a successful website. Forming and launching a website is not an end. Continuous efforts are required to maintain your website. Just adopt these secrets before heading towards a successful website.